5 Creative Business Ideas A Women Can Do At Home

Creative Business Ideas

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Let’s say you’re a woman with full responsibility for your kids or just a career woman who wants a rules-free job. That’s great!

Speak facts; many husbands in some countries are not allowing their wives to work in an office as a business-woman. That’s okay, being at home doesn’t mean you can’t level up your career.

The status of a housewife is no excuse for being unproductive, who can only wait for money from your husband. You still have the power to work.

Here we present five creative business ideas that every woman can do at home!

1. Home Culinary Business

Creative Business Ideas

Image via Pexels

Creative business ideas in the field of food or culinary are the first time that might cross your mind. Yup, as a housewife, you are usually busy with the kitchen activities. Well, why don’t you make it into business land from there?

Home-based culinary business ideas such as doing catering, making cakes, snacks, pastries are likely to sell if you want to learn cooking. Sell it online. To build brand awareness for this kind of business, you can share your cooking process by uploading a video on Instagram or YouTube.

The other advantage besides having your own culinary business is your husband will love you more; and proud having a skillful wife like you.

Just believe, the more routine you practice, your cooking taste will get more and more delicious!

2. Become A Freelancer

Instead of creating a product, you can sell a service. It’s called a freelance job. In this era, being a freelancer isn’t that hard. You can join through freelance websites or make an online portfolio.

You can become a freelance writer, social media analyst, affiliate marketer, translator, voice actor, and others. It’s all based on what skills you master.

This kind of job needs special skills, and you are required to at least be literate with the development of digital technology. Online business ideas that are engaged in this service are increasingly in demand.

3. Dropshipping Business

A woman tends to have a reasonably thorough character. That’s why you can become a drop shipper or start with becoming a reseller – that’s fine too.

If you’re still blind about the dropship system, you can find out more on the internet. Sketchily, dropshipping business is about creating your store and then mark-up the price of the suppliers’ product. If you get a customer, contact your supplier, and they’ll immediately send the purchased goods that have been labeled as if you sent them.

This business is quite practical and not complicated because you don’t need a lot of space to store the items you will sell. There are many kinds of products or goods that you can sell. In 2020, there’s a lot of suppliers or vendors opening up this small capital business opportunity.

4. MUA or Beauty Salon

Creative Business Ideas

Image via Pexels

A woman can’t be separated from the beauty things called the make-up. Being a Make-Up Artist (MUA) isn’t difficult nowadays. Especially when you love doing these things.

Turn your hobby into a business opportunity. This home-based business idea has been carried out since immemorial. Not too long ago, maybe 70s.

The beauty salon business does need capital for its tools, and you can try to make a profit in this field by becoming an MUA first. The means for dressing and grooming are using yours, and you can sell this service on social media because now MUA services and beauty salons are more and more needed.

If you succeed with the business, you can be a beauty vlogger too. Create tips and trick video content or use your channel as your portfolio.

5. Sell Accessories that Come from Hobbies

Hobbies do have an essential role for those of you who want to run a business from home. Hobbies can be a unique business idea if you can juggle them.

For example, you are a real hobby of knitting. You can make a knit bag. Make a little first, then sell it using a pre-order system, market it through social media or e-commerce, and see how many people are interested in your product.

Don’t be afraid of the results can’t be seen quickly; you still have to maintain it because your hobby is what will become a ticket for making a unique business idea of ​​small capital. It’s fun if you get paid for your amusement.


Besides, you can continue to hone your creativity from the five creative business ideas. You can also be more relaxed because you do it from home. Creative business at home is flexible yet challenging. You have to take full responsibility for yourself and, of course, for your business.

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