5 Tips to Make Pumpkin Cookies

Make Pumpkin Cookies

Pumpkin cookies are delicious, to say the least. They have the special property of tasting like a cake instead of a cookie. They are soft and supple and melt inside your mouth. The dough you prepare is soft as well and it does not get hard even after the cookie is baked.

Make Pumpkin Cookies

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They are fairly easy to make and do not require a lot of preparation time either and can be stored in Cookie Packaging.


One of the best ways to improve the flavor of your cookies is to use caramelized sugar instead of a simple one. When you heat sugar, it does not melt. It just decomposes to become caramel. When you heat up sugar for a prolonged period of time, the sucrose in sugar starts breaking and turns into caramel. You need to heat the sugar slowly and at low heat to attain the perfect, dark caramel.

Also, use malted milk for these cookies. It helps give them a butterscotch touch. Its solids cause the cookies to become brown and tastier. You can also use brown butter alongside malted milk. But both of them become prominent only if you do not add any other aromas that overshadow them.

Aromas can also be enhanced through different additives. For instance, you can add grounded coffee to make them look darker and slightly bitter. Aromas and tastes both contribute to our sensing of flavors. Volatile organic compounds have a tendency to evaporate into the air which is why some cookies smell so intense.

Avoiding Staleness

Scientists have explained the reason for a cookie going rancid. It is the water activity between the cookie and the surrounding room that causes it to go stale. Usually, the cookie dough has more moisture than the room it is placed in. To balance the humidity of both the mediums, moisture travels from the cookie to the room leaving the cookie dry.

Put a piece of bread inside the Cookie Boxes alongside the cookies to prevent them from losing their moisture. But whenever you open the jar, dry air will affect the cookies. Keep replacing the older piece of bread with a fresher one every few days.

Always store crunchy and softer cookies separately. If you keep them alongside each other, both will get affected. If the cookies are becoming softer overtime, heat them in an oven set at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 to 4 minutes.


Decorating a cookie is a delicate task. It becomes even more complex because of the number of decorations you could go for. Decorations are important whenever a special event is approaching.

You can opt for white icing on your cookies. Which gives them an extra icy feel. Gold also looks good. In fact, it looks luxuries to apply golden decorations.

Who is not familiar with Rudolph? If you are not willing to put too much effort into your cookies, you can make the red-nosed creature easily and amuse children with it.


If you have made cookies, you might want to gift some of them to your friends and close family members. There is nothing that tastes better than homemade cookies. And the recipients will definitely appreciate your efforts too. You can also use them as gifts for special occasions such as Christmas and Easter.

If you want to go for an affordable option, there is no need to visit the market. Take a single cardboard piece or cardstock and convert it into a box. You can embellish it with ribbons or beads. If you want to save yourself the effort, try Cookie Packaging Wholesale.

When you buy Pringles, do not throw away the cans. Repurpose them into Custom Cookie Packaging when the occasion arrives. But do not gift them without customizing them properly. You can use decorative wraps that you can buy from the market at affordable prices.

Wrap them well so that they do not look rewired for gifting. They must not look like Cookie Packaging with Logo. The company logo must be hidden through your packaging.

Make a paper basket by reshaping a large piece of clean paper. Decide how many flaps of it you want to make and then push two sides of the flaps inside to create a section of the basket. Create as many sections as you want. Put a ribbon in the center. You can use different sections for storing items with different flavors.


While round is the most popular cookie shape out there. You can try out many innovative shapes. If you are baking your cookies for children, shape them as stars. Or if the occasion is special like Christmas, you can get creative and make Santa Clause from the dough. During winters you can also make snowmen shaped cookies.

As you can see there are a lot of ideas that you can apply on cookies for making them better. These tips range from freshness to decoration. You ought to ensure that every aspect is taken care of to get the perfect cookies.

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