7 Engineering and Construction Trends to watch in 2020

Engineering and Construction Trends

The construction industry is becoming increasingly competitive and fragmented and therefore is resistant to rapid evolution which is seen in other industries. For example, a skilled labor shortage in the construction industry isn’t going anywhere soon, despite the increase in educational and training programs. Offsite construction is becoming more common to guard against worksite mishaps for faster and more efficient delivery of projects. But the industry hasn’t been able to mitigate work safety risk completely and onsite accidents continue to happen every other day.

However, there is still significant development and it’s important to focus on the nuances of the major trends that form the current state of the construction industry. Read on to know the seven major engineering and construction trends to watch in the coming year:

Engineering and Construction Trends

Technology Supplementing the Workers 

Although it was feared that automation might replace the human workers which could result in the loss of millions of jobs. But things have turned out to be different. Automation is instead of giving the workers the opportunity to work in a more efficient way and create better products. Automation, however, could replace construction workers to some extent by the year 2050. Construction robots, for example, are designed to work alongside human workers. These robots can benefit the companies by increasing production speed and efficiency which is why more and more companies would want to employ them for their work.

Increased Importance of Data Analysis 

Data analysis has become an essential part of the construction process. Contractors have realized the importance of data collection using modern technologies. Many construction companies have begun to use cloud-based software for detailed data collection and real-time reporting. By integrating the data across the projects and throughout the organization, combined with powerful, latest data analytic solutions being introduced to the market, construction companies are on the verge to bring a revolution that will help them achieve true business intelligence, and accurately forecast their business.

More Digital Contractors 

General Contactors Calgary, both small and large, are realizing that they either have to adapt or perish. This means that the coming years will see a huge wave of innovation and digitization in the construction industry. With cloud-based software emerging as the preferred tool for business operations all over the world, construction firms are upgrading their business management and operating systems accordingly. Cloud-based software has provided the contractors with a platform where they can use the same data sets across the office, fields, and all the project teams. It has enabled the employees to share updates and reports in real-time with their teammates and seniors. This digitization has also led to the elimination of paperwork and manual processes which has resulted in time-saving, risk and error mitigation, and improved productivity.

Mobile Construction Work 

Mobile devices are continuing to advance and have become an important part of our daily lives. Their use in construction is also increasing thanks to the intuitive and cloud-based construction apps. Today, workers in the field have access to data on their smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even on wearable devices. They can easily collect data and forward it to the concerned personals. These construction-specific apps have also enabled the companies to analyze the data collected from the worksite and know the true health and status of construction projects.

Use of BIM in Building Design 

BIM, which uses 3D models to streamline the plan and designs of buildings and infrastructure is an essential requirement of many contractors today. With every passing day, more and more contractors are adopting BIM programs into their business operations. Today, with 4D and 5D technologies being developed and several other innovations like AI technology and augmented reality devices taking place to visualize projects before their construction has even begun, the construction industry is moving towards a new realm where new ideas and possibilities are virtually never-ending.

More Modular Construction 

Pre-fabrication of buildings has become a common practice in the construction industry today that began more than a decade back. This trend will not just continue but explode in the coming years as more and more construction firms are transforming into design-build companies with pre-fab facilities that enable them to begin construction off-site. It is because the construction of modular buildings can take place simultaneously with foundation work on site. 

Increased use of Drones 

Many construction firms are already using drones in their projects to monitor the work in progress and visualize the work remaining. They have enabled the companies to ensure worker safety on site and help them take timely action in case of any mishap. Drones are also being used to collect data from worksite that is used to facilitate other data analysis and formation of forecasting models.

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