A Beginners Guide to Avoid Most Common WordPress Mistakes

Common WordPress Mistakes
Common WordPress Mistakes

One of the simplest, best and most popular way to create your own website or blog. According to an article in 2018, WordPress powers almost a third of the websites of the world. It has tools from personal bloggers to large corporations for everyone. 

There are some features that made WordPress very appealing to bloggers and many kinds of internet publishers also appealed to a wider audience, which includes most prominent companies in the US and others all over the world.  Bluehost, a reliable hosting for WordPress which offers several tremendous packages of WordPress hosting in Pakistan and other Asian countries. It provides free domain and 2/7 support from the experts of WordPress. 

All the beginners, in the case of WordPress, the primary focus is to set .everything up and get things running properly as soon as possible. For this purpose, there are things that are ignored which can lead to numerous security vulnerabilities. This article outlined a few most common WordPress mistakes done by the novice. These mistakes should be avoided by them for the progress and security of sites and blogs. 

Wrong platform

One of the most common confusion for beginners is between Free WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress.org. It is really important to know which one is for new blogs. It is a big challenge to decide which one is perfect. WordPress.com is the most suitable for photographers, bloggers, and artists. In contrast, wordPress.org is to control over websites.

Username change

When beginners, start working on WordPress. The installation creates the username “admin” with administrator privileges. It is the most common mistake which causes hackings. They can perform a brute force attack easy to crack your site and can easily take all the control over your site. WordPress gives the option to change the username. Make sure that you use numbers, letters and special characters also in username and password.

Complicated tags and categories

Beginners believe that too many tags and categories are good and easy for users. This is not true, instead, you are affecting your site in a negative manner. Too many and complex categories make sites ugly and difficult for beginners. It also makes the site heavy and problematic. So, try to limit your tags and categorist.

Contact form

Another common mistake made by many of the beginners is not adding contact form properly on blogs. Beginners have a mind that the contact page is better. They create a contact page and simply mention email there only. This is not the right way to attract and contact the audience. The best solution for this problem is just adding a simple contact form to your site. It is a way to allow the audience to interact directly. 

Caching plug-in

Literally, a lot of beginners ignore to install a caching plug-in. they actually don’t know the importance of website speed. Website speed plays a major role in getting higher rankings on Google. Make sure that your site can sustain a lot of traffic without crashing at once. They should know that caching is to increase efficiency, decrease load time and prevent downtime.


The aims of everyone to make possible to create an online presence in just a few minutes. This aim is fulfilled by the powerful site builder and content management system known as WordPress. Beginners should focus to avoid the small mistakes that have a huge impact.

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  1. Darina says:

    I wish I had come across your post before I made many of the mistakes you mention. I will also follow your advice about tags and categories. Thanks for the info.

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