What’s The Best Time to Work out?

Best Time to Work out

They say that “Early bird catches the worm.”

Does this hold true for workout timing as well?

Exercising daily has tons of benefits, ranging from protection against problems like obesity or cardiovascular diseases to mental health benefits. And all types of exercises or activities are good for your health. However, some exercises have more benefits and the timing can also make a difference. But the right timing can differ from one person to another:

Know your body clock

A human body has certain rhythms known as the circadian rhythm. It decides if you are more of an early bird or night owl by nature. These rhythms can have an effect on the functions of your body. It may include body temp, hormone levels, heartbeat, and more.

Is it better to work out in the early morning?

Doesn’t matter what the quotes suggest. It all comes down to what time is best for you. Working out prior to breakfast is quite common among the morning people. But is there a certain benefit? Scientists looked at the difference between working out with & without breakfast for weeks. Both groups resulted in losing fat with no difference at all. 

However, another study found that working out in the morning can result in losing weight faster compared to the evening.

Best Time to Work out

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Exercise can help Improve Sleep

If you are starting to like the idea of working out in the morning, keep in mind that there are certain benefits of working out in the evening too. For example, exercising right before going to bed can lead to a good night’s sleep. According to Swiss researchers, working out vigorously for 60 – 90 minutes prior to bedtime helps in better sleeping habits.

As you can see, both morning and evening work out sessions come with their own pros and cons. Going through these pros and cons can help you choose the time that’s better for you.

Working out in Morning 


  • Starting the day on a healthy note, free from distractions, and no chance of finding an excuse from your workload from the day
  • It helps boost the mood thanks to those hormones, which are released during the exercise. You will start the day on the right mental note.
  • Starting the day with a positive set of mind benefits not only the mind but your appetite and metabolism. It encourages in following a healthy diet starting from a heavy breakfast.
  • It will also improve your productivity since you will have an extra hour or two after early morning exercise. 


  • As earlier mentioned, if you are not an early bird, your body will need an extra push and warm-up to get going.
  • You will keep skipping workouts because you were not able to leave the bed and get up in the morning

Working out Mid-Day 


  • Ideal for both morning & evening person.
  • Increases efficiency at lunch hour by saving time for the rest of the day.
  • Suits people who work from home. And since most people are at work, you will get some extra privacy and space too, compared to rush hours in the evening.
  • It helps refresh your energy levels more than a cup of tea or coffee. This also improves productivity and mood.
  • It helps maintain a healthier appetite for breakfast and lunch.


  • Not possible if you have a typical job or business
  • You will find it hard to find a partner or gym buddy
  • Your mind can be distracted because you are right in the middle of the day

Working out in Evening


  • A great stress reliever after a long day of work
  • Best for people who are not able to get up early in the morning
  • Refreshes energy levels and helps sleep better at night.


  • You will skip workout days because you are too tired or too caught up in your daily chores
  • Most people aren’t up for working out after a long day.
  • Gyms and fitness centers are usually crowded in the evening which can be uncomfortable if you are not too social.

As you can see, none of these times is too good or too bad. You need to choose one that suits your body clock and schedule.

Bio: Mark Lango is a fitness research analyst at MR ALPHA. Mark loves to read and write about new research and technologies that can help people stay fit. He has been featured in various health and lifestyle magazines. When he is not writing, he loves to do Yoga and running.

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