Conch Shells and Gongs Make Varanasi a Spiritual Destination

The ‘city of lights’ it sounds of Varanasi, an old and beautiful pilgrim destination in India. India as is a Hindu country and maximum people are Hindu followers. If a question is asked what are the beauty of India? There are many various answers related to India and its beauty. Here, if we are talking about Varanasi we must talk about Indian epic, mythology, and its cultural heritage. A very unique word ‘Nirwana or Moksha’ is also related to this destination which is Varanasi. 

Varanasi is a town of temples and it is believed that God and Goddesses’ have chosen Varanasi as their home destination, and truly speaking, there is something magical and attractive in every corner and air of Varanasi which is entirely spiritual. 

Temples and its Importance in Varanasi

How do you wake up in the morning? For sure morning alarm clock, but Varanasi gives something different, experience the morning starts with the conch shell sound and temple gong which is unique in itself. Every place in Varanasi is devoted to Lord Shiva and blessed with purity of the Holy Ganga river. Temples in Varanasi are devoted to Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman, and many other Hindu God and Goddess. Daily Pooja offering, saints and Ganga Aarti are some exclusive spiritual attractions. Let us check top temples of Varanasi-

  • Sankat mochan temple
  • Vishwanath temple
  • Tulsi Manas temple
  • Bharat Mata temple
  • Durga temple 

There are many more spiritual attractions like Buddhist stupas and Jain temples, which are worth to visit. 

Streets of Varanasi

Streets of Varanasi are an irresistible walk in the evening and morning. The decorated traditional textile and handloom shops along with a local street dish shop are always demanding among the travelers visiting Varanasi. Streets of Varanasi serve-

  • Meetha pan a mouth freshener
  • Golgappa
  • Chaat
  • Dahi Bhalla
  • Jalebi-doodh
  • Rabri

Varanasi has its own specialty in attracting tourists to its flavorful taste and serves lassi, tea and much more to enjoy every nook of the city. A blissful tour to Varanasi always ends with lots of shopping, fun around the ghats and enjoying the taste of every cuisine. 

Ghats and hotels

Varanasi a blissful destination means you have to stay in Varanasi hotels near ghats. The ghats have a unique attraction of sadhus and saints in different attires’ praying in their own style. Budget hotels in Varanasi is a best-staying option near the ghats to enjoy the view of Ganga ghats and its daily life and much more which cannot be described in words but needs to be explored and enjoyed. Varanasi the only destination in India is a spiritual tour journey to experience the age-old beauty of India.

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