How to Delete Email Account in Bluehost [Step to Remove Account]

reset email account in bluehost

Nowadays Bluehost is one of the well-known, most popular web hosting providers on the internet. They offer a variety of cheapest web hosting India services, business and personal web hosting platforms with affordable costing.

Bluehost offers the service related to an email account. In that can create email accounts, reset email account passwords and go to delete an email account in Bluehost. This process is user-friendly.

It is recommended to uses to have 1 or 2 professional emails account if they have more than your needs or requirement then you can go for delete email accounts option.

One thing you should remember that: once you remove or delete an email account in Bluehost cPanel, then you are going to lose all the information and data related to sending or receive email information. Once you lost data then you can’t recover it. 

The process of creating and deleting of email account is hassle-free in BlueHost.

Email addresses can be deleted using the Workspace Control Center. Deleting an email account doesn’t delete your plan or cancel your plan. You can create a new email address in that same plan.

Bluehost offers unlimited features to their customers, one of the best features is, you can create or you can delete and remove an email account in simple steps in Bluehost. In the basic plans of Bluehost, they offer email addresses per one domain.       

Steps to Delete Email Account in Bluehost Hosting:

Most of the best SSD hosting provider allows its customers to create different email accounts depends on their need or requirement in their hosting accounts. Users can create unlimited email accounts, and if they don’t need it, then they can delete email accounts in the BlueHost cPanel hosting accounts.

Bluehost also permits its customers to create unlimited cPanel email accounts in their hosting accounts. If customers don’t want to use email accounts anymore at that time then they can go to delete email account through the BlueHost cPanel account.

Follow the below steps and guide to Bluehost delete email account through the cPanel account. The process of deleting an email account is very easy.


When you are going to remove and delete an email account in Bluehost cPanel, first, you need to log in to your Bluehost cPanel account. Now you need to type the following URL in your web browser to log in:


Now you are on the Bluehost cPanel account page.


After login into the Bluehost cPanel account, there are many setting options available related to your website on the screen. 

From the menu options, you need to click on the hosting tab then again some options will get a display then you need to select the email option.

 “Hosting->email”.  You canrefer the following image,

delete email account in bluehost webmail


After click on the “Hosting->email” option, you will see multiple settings options on the screen.

Under the “email” section, you need to click on the “Email Manager” option.


After click on the “Email Manager” section, the email configuration window will get open.

From the left side panel of the window, you need to click on the “Email Accounts” option. This option is used to delete email account in Bluehost cPanel.


Once you click on the “Email Accounts” option, you will get a list of all registered email accounts on your screen. 

Now click on the “View Details” option of email account that you want to delete and scroll down to the bottom of the page to delete email account in Bluehost.


From here you have to select the “Delete” option, to delete the email account through the Bluehost cPanel account. After click on the “Delete” option, you will be asked for confirmation, to delete the email account.

It will ask you “Are you sure?” If you are sure to delete remove an email account in Bluehost, then press on “Ok” otherwise press on cancel. 

Once you press on ok then it will proceed to delete the email account in BlueHost.

Now you are done with the process of deleting email account in Bluehost through cPanel account. Once you delete or remove an account, you will be lost all related information to the email account.

Bluehost best reseller hosting provider to offers many of the features to its customers but all these features are varied and based on their different web hosting plans. Every plan having its own benefit. With this entire plan, they offer free email account depends on their plans.

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