How you can get Prime Place on Search Engine?

It is very likely that you have been hearing about SEO for years, but you are still not sure what it is. If you have an online business such as an eCommerce, a company website or even a personal blog, you need to know what this topic is about. Appearing among the first results of a search engine is essential for your company to succeed. An SEO consultant is the most suitable profile to achieve it.

When we talk about SEO in online marketing we mean the whole set of actions – which are many – that help improves the visibility of a web page in different search engines and mainly Google. SEO positioning is not simple, it requires a lot of work and time to see results.

Professional SEO consultant definition An SEO consultant is the professional and search engine optimization expert who analyzes a web page and is trained to know what changes, improvements, strategies and actions should be carried out on a website.

Social media management London

Social media management London having wide fielded that the SEO consultant requires knowledge of different disciplines to be able to perform his work correctly. Marketing, advertising, programming, and web design are the main fields of studies with which an SEO consultant works. The SEO consultant can work independently or in an online marketing agency.

SEO is the acronym for the English concept Search Engine Optimization and Web Positioning would be the Castilian zed form. However, it is very common to find this term among the key concepts of Online Marketing. SEO includes all the techniques, actions and practices to position a web page among the first results obtained when performing a search. These actions are varied among themselves and can be included in different areas.

The SEO consultant is trained to establish the strategy to follow with which plans what actions will be carried out and in what period of time: keyword search, link building strategy, web optimization etc.

Being among the first results of Google guarantees high visitor traffic, but does not mean having the same percentage of sales. A company will get more sales when its website is well positioned, but also when it offers a quality product and good customer service.

SEO consultant of DubSEO

SEO consultant of DubSEO audit is the first step that should be taken in a web positioning strategy. The term consulting refers to the professional service provided by the expert through which the situation is advised and analyzed, providing the steps to be taken or actions to be taken. That is, it is the first step that must be taken to start a positioning job.

Thus, the SEO consultant is responsible for carrying out the following steps during the consultancy: Analyze the data and figures related to the page offered by Google Analytics, Google Search Console or other previously installed web analytics programs.

Keyword research: analysis of the keywords by which a business can and should position itself. In an audit, the SEO consultant is able to analyze which keywords are already positioned and which have more potential. For this, the identification and monitoring of the main competitors is also carried out.

SEO On Page is the term used to refer to the optimization of the website with the objective of improving its organic positioning. The actions to be carried out depend on the manager of the web page itself that must be in accordance with   Google’s indexing. For example, good writing and content structure; good use of keywords; the correct writing and use of the title, URL and meta description or the inclusion of images.

The SEO off Page refers to all external factors that affect the positioning of the web page but cannot be controlled internally. The SEO consultant must analyze the number of backlinks and the number of pages; the anchor text of these and see what is the situation or possibilities for improvement.

SEO consultancy is not easy to carry out. It requires very specific knowledge and the use of tools that are not very accessible. For this reason, choosing a good SEO consultant is something really important if you want your website to reach good positions. SEO consultant of DubSEO that builds trust Web positioning requires time and work. It is not magic and the objectives are not achieved overnight. It is advised you to look for SEO consultants or Online Marketing Agencies that offer this service, call and talk to them. It is important that they convey confidence.

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