Freelancers: 10 Free Tools to Make Your Work More Effectiveness


Freelance, discover the list of tools you need to know to support you every day, at all stages of your freelance life.

The freelancer sells his expertise, that is to say, his time and knowledge. He will charge his client on the basis of the time spent (by the hour, the day or the success of the mission according to the specifications established beforehand).


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And if freelance has a certain freedom in the management of his activity, his success is above all based on his ability to manage the time correctly.

As the old saying goes, one must have good tools in order to do a good job, so this post collects some 13 tools for you to accelerate your job to save your time, and have more space to enjoy your freelance life.


Calendly allows you to schedule appointments and meetings by merely avoiding round-trip emails to find a free common niche. You can send your contact person access to your Calendly calendar and they just have to choose what suits them best. Calendly synchronizes with the majority of online calendars: Gmail, outlook, icloud, office 365.


Are you wasting time trying to find your passwords and reset your accounts? If you, freelancer,  have multiply platforms and create multiple accounts, then to use a password manager like LastPass or Dashlane is a must tool.


Trello is a collaborative tool that facilitates teamwork. It will also be handy for managing your to-do lists at work, as at home. With Trello you can: organize all your tasks in the form of to-do checklists create tables by project, client or micro-tasks (a product owner can use it for the detail of his backlog and advance it with the development of current functionalities)


Nimbus is a google chrome extension that allows you to capture the pages you want and thus save them in PDF format.


IFTTT is an easy and free tool that allows you to connect your web applications. Its interest is to be able to automate manual and time-consuming tasks. Why waste time every day, or every week, doing things you could take the trouble to automate? You would save precious time. If we have actions that we repeat more than 3 times a week, we seek to automate them. You can pretty much do it for most web applications.

Web activity time tracker

The chrome web activity time tracker plugin allows you to measure your habits on the internet. It visually lists the time spent on each application. It is, for example, an ideal way to see if you have been profitable or not on a project, or if on the contrary, it is better that you know your time differently!


With Pearltrees, you can browse the web and save everything you find interesting: files, documents, photos, videos, notes and more. It is essential for monitoring and developing your creativity. And then, it avoids dispersing information on several platforms and discussions. Here you centralize all your content and share it with your freelance colleagues or clients if you wish!


Have you written a blog article and want to count the number of words? It is indeed useful for your natural referencing because the longer your article, the more you are likely to stand out in the first Google search results. Wordcount is a chrome plugin to download that allows you to copy-paste your text and know the number of words written instantly.


Your article is ready and now wants to feed it with a nice visual? Or relay it on social networks? DesignCap is a tool that allows you to create beautiful visuals in no time! What is more, you can choose the format of your choice with the optimal dimensions for a publication on social networks.


The last step, now you want to publish your articles on your social networks? And be able to schedule your posts easily (before going on vacation?) While you can’t schedule your posts in advance on all of your social networks, Hootsuite lets you do it and it’s handy. You just have to write your message, choose the social network on which to send it and then program your post! In addition, it’s free for up to 3 profiles.

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