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Come on India, Jio Digital Life with Reliance Jio 4G

Reliance Jio

R Reliance Jio promises to shape the future of India by providing end-to-end digital solutions for businesses, institutions and households and seamlessly bridging the rural-urban divide. Reliance Jio aims to enable this transformation by creating not just a cutting-edge voice and broadband network, but also a powerful ecosystem on which a range of rich digital services will be enabled – a unique green-field opportunity. Reliance’s vision for India is that broadband and digital services will no longer be a luxury item. Rather, Reliance envisions an India where these are basic necessities to be consumed in abundance by consumers and small businesses alike, as much in far-flung villages as in our largest cities. The initiatives are truly aligned with the Government of India's ‘Digital India’ vision for our nation.

Affordable Devices : Jio has worked with all the leading device manufacturers of the world to ensure availability of 4G LTE smartphones across all price points – from ultra-premium models on one hand, to entry level models on the other.

Digital Currency : Jio envisions a new India which will use digital currency instead of paper money for a more secure and convenient way to transact. Jio Money, Jio’s digital currency and digital payments business, will play a crucial role in this by offering a platform for ubiquitous, affordable and secure digital payments.

Jio Drive : Micro and small businesses will soon have access to cutting-edge cloud storage technologies which were once affordable to big companies only, giving them a new edge to compete on a global landscape. Jio Drive is an application that brings powerful cloud capabilities to every smartphone. Using Jio Drive, anyone can store, sync and share any content between their own devices and also with their friends.

Digital Education : Teachers and students from far flung areas can connect with each other, crowd-source knowledge and adapt new age learning techniques and thus lift the level of education to a completely different plane.

Digital Healthcare : Expert medical advice would be available anytime, anywhere - with medical practitioners able to grow their practice without constraint, and provide quality of life to the crores that make up our country.

Digital Entertainment and Social Connectivity : Jio Chat is a powerful communication application that integrates chat, voice, video calling, conferencing, file sharing, photo sharing and much more. Jio Play enables users to watch HD TV anytime, anywhere on any device, from hundreds of channels, across categories and languages. Jio Beats is a premier digital music streaming service that gives instant access to millions of songs and curated playlists. Jio Mags and Jio News provide access to the most popular collection of magazines and news from leading publishing houses across multiple languages.

Digital Entrepreneurship : Jio is building is a powerful platform on which a range of rich digital products and services can be enabled - digital currency, digital commerce, digital education, digital healthcare, e-governance, Smart Cities, M2M and the Internet of Things. It does not matter whether these services are created by Jio itself, its ecosystem partners or anyone globally. Reliance is committed to the principles of Net Neutrality.

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Download MyJio app to avail Jio Welcome Offer

  • Get your Jio Welcome Offer :- Launch the app and click "Get Jio SIM"
  • Share details :- Fill in your details and validate mobile number via OTP.
  • Coupon Generation :- Get your coupon code and keep documents ready or keep your Aadhaar number ready for faster processing.
  • Store locator :- Find the nearest Reliance Digital, Reliance Dx Mini store or select modern trade outlets and prominent multi brand Jio stores to collect your SIM.
  • Collect Jio SIM :- Submit a Proof of Identity and Proof of Address at any Reliance Digital, Reliance Dx Mini store or select modern trade outlets and prominent multi brand Jio stores to get your Jio SIM.
  • Activate Jio SIM :- Televerify on 1977 to activate your Jio SIM.

Why Releance Jio 4G ?

  • Best 4G network with lowest data rate globally
  • LYF devices starting Rs. 2,999
  • Complimentary Jio Apps worth Rs. 15,000
  • Instant eKYC Aadhaar card based activation
  • Nationwide free voice calls to any network. No roaming
  • No complex telecom charges
  • Jio simple 4G Tariff Plans
  • Extra discount for students
  • Enterprise friendly solutions and plans
  • India's first ever platinum 4G service

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Affordable and Simple Tariffs

  • No more Voice call charges – Local & STD
  • No more roaming charges – One India
  • No more high data rates
  • No more high base rates and overages
  • No more blackout days

Best Quality 4G Broadband Network

  • India's first all IP network
  • Data-strong network built for 4G Internet
  • Mobile video network
  • True 4G covering 18,000 cities, 2 lakh villages
  • Voice over LTE (VoLTE)
  • Future Proof - 5G, 6G ready

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Benefits valid till 31st Dec 2016

  • Unlimited Access to Jio Apps
  • Unlimited HD Voice
  • Unlimited Video & SMS
  • Unlimited Video & SMS
  • Unlimited HD Voice
  • Experience TRUE 4G on all 4G smartphones
  • Enjoy unlimited HD Voice Calls, SMS, High-Speed Data and access to 6000+ movies, 300+ Live TV Channels, 1 CR+ Songs and More.

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