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Volta Computer : A Handcrafted Wooden Computer

February 15, 2017

Volta Computer : A Handcrafted Wooden Computer

  • Volta Inspired by honestly made wooden furniture A powerful, beautiful computer. Designed for life.
  • Volta V is the first commercially-produced handcrafted wooden computer. The uni-body chassis is made from domestically-sourced, selectively-cut trees in the USA.
  • Equipped to handle intense design tasks, engineering work, and gaming, Volta V is a sustainable, powerful computer that is guaranteed to be proactively supported with repairs and upgrades.

Introducing Volta V Computer

  • A powerful, sustainable computer for beautiful desks everywhere.
  • When buying a computer, you normally have two choices : buy something that looks good, or buy something that's up-gradable. With the Volta V Computer, you don't have to choose.
  • Its uni-body chassis is cut from American hardwood, precision-machined, and then assembled and finished by hand. The components inside are laid out on a single level, protected by a magnetically-attached lid that makes upgrades and repairs easy.
  • its 5.5-inch height makes it not only ideal as a monitor stand but also lets you store your keyboard underneath. Available with a wide range of components


Choose from three Intel platforms and try our customization tool :
Intel Kaby Lake – Design & Gaming from $1999
Intel Broadwell E – Workstations from $2461
Intel Xeon – Performance Desktops from $2685
Chassis Dimesions
516x302x100mm (20.3x11.9x3.9 in)
15.6 Liters
Dust-Free Airflow
We designed an active convection airflow system that moves air up and out the back of the machine. Two large easily removable magnetic dust filters make cleaning a snap.
Total Quiet
The acoustics of the Volta V are designed to push all fan noise down and away from you. The result is an exceptionally quiet computer at idle and under load.
Cable-Free Workspace
Volta V hides the motherboard IO inside the chassis, slots are cut to allow keyboard, networking, and access for more permanent connections to be hidden away.
Magnetic toolless entry
Strong magnets hold the lid on and it can be easily removed for repairs, upgrades, and attaching cables to the inside. Every component is clearly laid out on a single level for the most intuitive user repair experience.
Handy i/o
USB 3.0, headphone and mic ports are accessible on the upper right side, allowing for easy access while keeping the design clean.
Keyboard Hideaway
Volta V allows you to stow your keyboard that’s up to 1.5 inches high and 18.4 inches wide completely under the machine, and route the cable tidily to a dedicated slot on the bottom of the chassis.

Built to Last

Built to Last
Every Volta V is cut from American hardwood and precision-machined before being hand-assembled and finished. Even more: every computer is backed by a lifetime service guarantee.

Less, but Better

Less, but Better
Volta V stands only 5.5 inches tall, the perfect height to set a monitor for more ergonomic sitting. When not in use, your keyboard hides away beneath the computer, creating a compact workspace that stays neat.

Gets the Hard Jobs Done Fast

Built to Last
With a combination of liquid cooling, ultra-quiet fans, and a unique dust-filtration system, Volta V stays cool and quiet under load without throttling and doesn’t accumulate performance-wrecking dust.

Enhances Your Desk

Enhances Your Desk
Have a minimalistic, beautiful environment for work and play with the Volta V. With the appeal of a mid-century modern piece of furniture, the Volta V is a statement piece for your desk.

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