Top 10 Apps to Make Videos on Your Computer or Mobile

Make Videos
Make Videos

Are you looking for an app to make videos and be successful on social media? Today, to have visibility on the various social networks, it is almost essential to know how to use one or more apps to make videos with music and photos.

Here is the reason for our guide! Find out which are the most interesting apps and sites to create videos by adding music, photos, and texts, perfect for communicating your message effectively and directly!

Do you want to have excellent results on social media? Then we advise you to focus on content marketing and visual! This means that to communicate your message, you will need to have valid tools such as an app for making videos effectively.

But what does it mean to make videos effectively? It means creating and editing videos using music, images, and texts, which you can then publish on Facebook, Instagram, and whoever has more.

To create videos of this kind for free, just refer to some applications and programs that can be used on your smartphone or computer. Here is our list of top 10 best apps for making videos.

Programs to make videos online

Animoto:- Let’s start our top 10 with a well-known and loved app, namely Animoto Video Maker. Thanks to this tool, you can create videos with photos, images, music, and texts. 

Creating a video is very simple: first choose your style and the music to insert in the video clip, then personalize it with photos and text, and you’re done! Now you can use your masterpiece to create advertisements on Facebook or to share it on Instagram and Twitter.

FlexClip:- Don’t have time to spend whole days editing videos? Then the best solution for you is FlexClip, a website for making online videos created specifically to increase user engagement on social networks and to work on conversion.

And videos are created in a few minutes thanks to the various tools that FlexClip offers. You can choose from dozens of pre-made templates to get started or create from a blank new project by adding materials. Millions of royalty-free stock media choices (photos, clips, and music tracks) are included. 

With just a few clicks, you can add captions, transitions, photo animations, and beautiful filters to your project.

PowToon:- Another website for making online videos to consider is PowToon, which, thanks to automated processes, makes the creation of clips fast and intuitive. No need to know how to edit and cut clips, but just choose a theme, select photos and videos, edit everything with music, and then publish!

PowToon provides users with different versions, one of which is free but has many limitations. In any case, it is possible to export videos made with PowToon for YouTube and Vimeo. Considered by many to be a viable alternative to SlideShare, the online video app is perfect for those who want to make videos that are simple but professional. For those who are looking for a program to create content for social media, is the right choice. is available both in the web app version and in the app version for Android and iOS.

WeVideo:- If you are looking for an interesting tool to make videos online from the browser, without having to download programs, WeVideo could be a valid solution.

It is a paid software which, however, includes really useful and exciting functions, for example, the vast stock of videos and free photos.

Lumen5:- Lumen5 is a really useful site for those who want a program to create videos from images and music. The site also allows you to transform a post from your blog, or any text, into a well-made video to be published on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

The first thing to do is to register, and then you can decide whether to use the free Lumen5 version or the paid version! Which one to choose? The free version makes the app logo appear on the final screen, while the paid version does not have this limit and, in fact, has various more functions.

Programs to make videos on Mobile

KineMaster for Android:- For those who have an Android smartphone, we recommend downloading the KineMaster app, which includes almost all the features of iMovie for Mac or Movie Maker for Windows.

KineMaster is able to operate on multi-levels of videos, images, text, and more: it cuts videos, adds more than one audio track, and also inserts color filters. In short, KineMaster is a small directing tool to create quality and professional videos.

Overvideo for iOS:- If, on the other hand, you own an iPhone, then you can opt for Overvideo, the iOS application that allows the user to add text to videos to be published on social media.

For example, you can use it for your Facebook Stories or for IGTV!

Legend:- Now let’s see an app to add text to videos, Legend. It is available for Android and iOS and allows you to create videos and GIFs in just a few steps.

What do you have to do? Select the photos or animation you prefer, add the text, and then download. Now you can share the content on your social pages or send it via e-mail if you want to use it from your PC.

Magisto for Android:- A free Android application perfect for those who work with social networks. In fact, Magisto lets you create videos with music, photos, images, and text automatically in a few clicks.

How does Magisto work? Register by entering your data, upload a video from your device, choose a piece of music as the soundtrack, and enter the title of the film. Magisto will take care of the rest to create the video clip in no time!

Programs to make videos from PC or Mac

In our guide of the best apps for making videos, we showed you some interesting and free websites and mobile apps. But remember that some really functional and professional video editing programs are installed on our computers!

We are talking about Movie Maker for those who own a Windows PC and iMovie for those who use an Apple Mac: two programs installed as standard on the devices and easy to use.

And have you already tried one of the apps that we recommended to you in our top ten to make videos?

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